Sharing the code

This blog has a lot of code, but it is just the beginning of what is possible with ServiceNow.

Much of my best code I'll never discuss. It isn't just me doing this either, many people never talk about their awesome work. Not that ServiceNow is that complicated, but there some valuable code snippets hidden that would be worthwhile for people to see.

The truth is that great code is rarely discussed online.   Why is this?

Confidentiality Agreements

Often you will have a confidentiality agreement with an employer.  You can discuss general coding techniques or a general customization, but confidential code created specifically for that company can't be discussed.

Developer Respect

Often you work with a team of developers to write code.  If you worked with someone else to build that code, you can't post it without their permission.  

I have had experiences in the past where developers posted code I wrote without my permission. That is a disrespect to me, and anyone else in a similar situation.

Knowledge is Power

I'll never reveal the best code I have, all my ideas, or some of my best code tricks. Some of those ideas are what keeps me important.

A person doesn't have to be completely secretive, or "build a kingdom".  However, looking out for yourself often is crucial to one's future.

If someone shows me some great code or helps me on a project, I always make a mental note of that. Eventually I find a way to return the favor.  


Most code serves a very specific business function. Often code you write is not reusable and relevant to a future project.  

However the good news is that your experience writing that code is worthwhile and transferable.  For every cancelled project or failed app, it was an experience to take with you on the next project.

Hater Avoidance

Rare is the positive comment.  

Some people just don't want to deal with internet ridicule, and I completely understand that.


I enjoy programming.  It is like a game to me.  For others is a just a day job, they have other interests that they like more.

Their great code will never be shared as they don't care to do it.  I understand that as well.

Praise the ones that share

People don't need to share code. If you see someone sharing something useful, let them know!