Implementation Plans

Along with keeping accurate update sets, it is also a good idea to keep an implementation plan for each of your customer ServiceNow releases.  

There are communication and organization tasks that need to be handled in a ServiceNow Application Implementation, along with untracked customizations in an Update Set.  The more organized, detailed, and tested an implementation plan is, the the more you can insure a successful application release.

ServiceNow Implementation Plan Example Content

Implementation Participants
Implementation Audit Trail (Change Number)
Pre-Implementation Tasks

  • Distribution of Training Materials and Knowledge Articles
  • Staffing and Coordination of Release
  • UAT Testing
  • Remote Access Testing
  • Cleanup of Test Data
  • Reset Numbering
  • Communicate Release to Stakeholders
  • Test Release to Test/Sandbox environment. 

Implementation Tasks

  • Turn off ServiceNow Email 
  • How to move the update set, either Single XML file or Update source method 
  • IP Access Control Setup (as needed) 
  • Common untracked customizations            
    • Number Maintenance
    • Scheduled Scripts
    • Currency 
    • Users, Roles, and Groups
    • Home Pages
  • Purge Table Scripts (Careful to test first!)
  •  Turn off or disable old system
  • Data Imports and Instructions
  • Background Update Scripts
  • Purge Email Queue (created during release) and Turn on ServiceNow Email

Backout Plan
Test Plan

Note: It is important to have a defined scripted test plan before the release.  That way only pre-tested functionality is tested.  Trying to "break the system" should have been accomplished during the Testing Phase.  This should be communicated to all release participants prior to the release.

Post Implementation Tasks

  • Phase 2 Development

  • Support and Defect Resolution