ServiceNow Fuji CMS Site Fixes

I am really amazed at the improvements between ServiceNow versions.  The ServiceNow Fuji "Related List" loading options are fantastic, I think it will dramatically improve system performance and overall I think the whole system is faster too.  I also like the new icons and design of ServiceNow Fuji.

During the Fuji upgrade process, there were some issues with the CMS sites that I was able to resolve and I thought it would be good to mention them.  

Part 1: CMS Styling

When I saw our CMS sites after the Fuji upgrade, most of style sheet formatting was not working and the catalog was messed up.  It was going to take some effort to get the CSS under control again.

ServiceNow added a line <g2:scope scriptname="jelly_runner" scope=""> to somewhere in their code for the sites. This caused most of the issues.  So for instance, in the CSS there was direct CSS paths for styling like:

body > div.cms_layout_outer_container_1_column > div > table > tbody {

Using "Inspect Element" didn't work for me. I needed to know the id listed in the layout to fix it. So it needed to specified with the layout CSS id like:


There were also other small fixes needed like adding certain styles in areas, but that wasn't too difficult compared to the layout changes.

Part 2: CMS Catalog Format

We are using the new Service Catalogs, but after the Fuji upgrade the categories and layout was not correct.

Fortunately that was easy to fix.  Just had to remove the categories that were incorrect and re add them back.

Part 3: CMS Continue Shopping Buttons

We had removed the continue shopping buttons I had thought.  However in Fuji they reappeared.  Of course when you clicked them they went to a blank page. Instead of trying to remove them again, might as well fix them.

To fix this issue: 

  1. Go to Service Catalog > Maintain Catalogs
  2. Open the catalog you want to fix
  3. Fill in the 'Catalog Home' Page and 'Continue Shopping' Page.  For example: ServiceCatalog
  4. Go to the Sites Tab.  Personalize the list and add the CMS 'Continue Shopping' Page and CMS Homepage columns.
  5. Fill in the values for these columns.  For example: ServiceCatalog

Part 4: CMS UI Macro Changes

The Catalog Search in the CMS sites was no longer working with a permission error.

To fix this issue, the UI Macro 'catalog_find_macro' needed to be reverted in the Upgrade History.