ServiceNow Fuji Overview Help

ServiceNow Fuji now introduces "Overview Help".  This is a lightbox-like functionality that shows users the new Fuji functionality.  This Overview help appears after the Fuji upgrade.

Viewing Overview help after the initial login.

You can also click the Settings Gear > What's new to see the Overview Help after it appears the first time.

Adding new panels to Overview help

Adding new panels to overview help is easy.  You might want to add a new panel to show users where to get help in ServiceNow or other additional features you added to Fuji.

1. Go to System UI > Overview Help.
2. Click UI15 or other for later versions
3. In the Overview Help Panels Related Lists.  Check out some of the existing panels for reference.
4. Click the New button to create a new panel

  • Title: Title for the Overview Help Panel
  • Text: Subtext for the Overview Help Panel
  • Image: Most important. Add a image for the panel
  • Condition: what users, roles, or properties can view the panel

5. Click Submit to add the panel
6. Click Settings Gear > What's New to see your new panel in action.

See who has visited UI15 Overview Help

To see who has visited UI15 Overview Help

1. Go to User Administration > User Preferences
2. Search for name = overview_help.visited.ui15

Here you can set the value to false if you want to trigger the help again for a user.