Number Existing Tables

Many tables in ServiceNow have number fields, for example, the Incident table has INC0010213.  These numbers are used to quickly identify records.  

Some tables in ServiceNow do not have a number field, but they probably should.  For example the Outage [cmdb_ci_outage] table.

In this example, you can add a number field to the Outage [cmdb_ci_outage] table:

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Lock Out Users in Sandbox Instances

Want to lock out users from using your ServiceNow Dev, Test, and Sandbox instances?  This script will lock out all the users that are not admins.  Afterwards you can unlock/lock the users you want to have access, and they won't accidentally login into the wrong instance.

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GlideRecord Query Methods

Glidesoft, Inc. incorporated in California, June 28, 2004.  Glidesoft, Inc. changed its name to on February 16, 2006. One of most powerful and useful javaclasses in ServiceNow is the GlideRecord. It is a special Java class ( that can be used in JavaScript exactly as if it was a native JavaScript class.

Ohh, that is why is is called Glide Record, ServiceNow used to be called GlideSoft!  Makes sense now.  What can you do with a Glide Record anyway?

You can use the GlideRecord API to: Query, Get, Set, Update, Insert, and Delete records in ServiceNow.  It is one of the most important things you can learn as a ServiceNow developer in my opinion. Let's check out some of different ways you can write a GlideRecord query.

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