Deletion Methods

Creating data is easy, sometimes deleting it is difficult.  Questions that might occur with deletion:

  • How do I delete a large number of rows?
  • When do deletions cascade?
  • How do I get access to delete?
  • What happens when the browser times out?
  • How do I delete an entire table?
  • How do I delete via a script?

This article answers those questions and also maybe shows a few deletion secrets you didn't know!

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Group Merge Utility

Groups in ServiceNow can control a lot of functionality.  They can be used for assignment, security, task routing, and queues. 

Some companies create unique groups for these purposes.  As time progresses, some groups may need to be merged.  Maybe there was too many groups created, or certain departments were combined.  Whatever the reason, here is an nice utility to help you merge your groups.

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