Email Monitoring and Heartbeat

ServiceNow email is very reliable and has a low occurrence of downtime.  However, for some companies, email is crucial to their business.  They rely on email to meet SLAs and OLAs, and have contracts that might explicitly state that email must be received within a certain timeframe. 

In order to insure that ServiceNow email is functioning, here are a couple of monitoring methods for email.

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User Account Notifications

Sometimes it is helpful to have notifications to activate or deactivate users at your company.  Here are a couple of reasons to do this:

  • Inform the manager of the onboard process for a new employee.  
  • Notify a user know that their account was deactivated or deleted.
  • Let a user know of additional training needed to gain itil role privileges.
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Admin Login Notification

In some ServiceNow customer instances, there are certain accounts in ServiceNow that are to be used infrequently, like the “admin” account or certain executive accounts. Here is a simple way to keep track on those selected users via email notification.

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