Extend an existing table

If you created a new table, added a lot fields, and then realized it wasn't extended off a table you need like the task or cmdb_ci table, it can be a big process to delete the table and start over.

Here is a script to extend an existing table. 

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Extend GRC Controls and Risk to the Task Table

In the IT GRC application, grc_risk and grc_control tables are not extended off the task table. This causes an issue for some implementations, as the Approvals Related List and Approvals Reference Field are not available.

How do you extend those tables (grc_risk and grc_control) to the task table? Or what are the steps to add the Approvals Related List and Approvals Reference field to those tables?

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Scripted Filter Examples

You can do a lot of complex filters in ServiceNow.  Especially with the inclusion of Scripted Filters and Dynamic Filters.

Here are some examples of scripted filters for ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management.

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Many-to-Many List Creation

Creating a Many-to-Many Relationship is easy in ServiceNow. However...with an example it is even easier!

In this post, I'll show an example "Test Case" Application that has an M2M relationship with "Test Case Steps".

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Dynamic Filters

Previous to the Dublin version of ServiceNow, the only way to make certain filters was to create a scripted filter.

However what is new in the Dublin version of ServiceNow is the functionality called Dynamic Filters

In this article I am going show some examples of both types of filtering options.  

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Top Level and Dependent Conditions

There are two ways to make conditional statements using the filter functionality in ServiceNow.

  1. Dependent
  2. Top Level

So what is the difference between these buttons? Let's go into greater detail on these two options.

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