Bookmark Administration

The ServiceNow bookmark functionality allows users to keep track of commonly used lists and important records.

Bookmarks are often maintenance-free, however there are a couple improvements that can help add additional value to bookmarks.

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ServiceNow Global Text Search

Global text search is the search box in the top right corner of most ServiceNow instances.

Global Text Search uses text indexes to search multiple ServiceNow tables in a single search.  This global search is a great feature and you can configure it for even more additional functionality.

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ServiceNow Favicon

This is a kind of simple thing to do, but not everyone knows this.  If you want to change the favicon on ServiceNow, which is website icon in the browser, here are some instructions to do just that.

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Form Annotations

I am going to show you a technique to put "notes" on your ServiceNow forms. When used in combination with Knowledge Base articles, these notes can make ServiceNow even more user-friendly.

ServiceNow has functionality called Form Annotations that is helpful in separating data beyond sections in your forms

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