Form Annotations

I am going to show you a technique to put "notes" on your ServiceNow forms. When used in combination with Knowledge Base articles, these notes can make ServiceNow even more user-friendly.

ServiceNow has functionality called Form Annotations that is helpful in separating data beyond sections in your forms:

There are a couple different form annotation types OOB that you can use:

  • Info Box Blue
  • Info Box Red
  • Line Separator
  • Section Separator
  • Text

As an example to see which each one looks like, I added them all to a form. Below I add the different form annotations to one form.

Form Annotation Types

Here are all the different types in action

For my idea of a notes field, I like to the "Section Separator" Form annotation and an Info Box Blue Form annotation.

Adding a "notes" Form Annotation Example

  • In ServiceNow, View the form you want to add a notes field
  • Right click the header bar and click Personalize > Form Layout
  • Click Save

Also note that you can make your own form annotation types. Maybe you prefer a different color scheme or have a unique idea for layout? Form Annotation types use common styles that you can modify. Something to consider when you have a brief note to mention to users.