ServiceNow Icons and Images

Where to find the ServiceNow icons and images available within ServiceNow.

Image Picker

An easy way to find some icons is the image picker.  To use the image picker, type in the left Navigator.

Once you have the image picker open, you can right-click the image and Save Image As to save it to your computer to use in other parts of ServiceNow.  You can also use the directory the image is in to reference it.  Here is an example directory:


Icons are less used in ServiceNow after the Eureka upgrade and switch to the blue stars in the left navigator.  However there are still times you use them when designing UI Scripts, UI Macros, or other functionality.


You can also find images in the db_image table.  You can get to this table by typing "Images" in the left navigator.  

To save an image to your computer

  1. Click the image name you want to save
  2. Copy the filename to your clipboard
  3. Right click the image and click Save As
  4. Replace the iix filename with the filename you copied earlier in step 2.
  5. Click Save


Images are also saved as attachments in ServiceNow.  Type "sys_attachment.list" in the left navigator to access attachments.

If you look at the attachments that have ZZ_YY as part of the table name.  Those are ones used on your CMS sites.  

It is good to know they are stored here for CMS sites.  However using sys attachments is not the easiest to find the image you want.  It is often just easier to find the image in the CMS site and save it that way.  


You can read all about changing the favicon here.

If you know any additional tips about ServiceNow images, go ahead and mention it in the comments!