ServiceNow Global Text Search

Global text search is the search box in the top right corner of most ServiceNow instances.

Global Text Search uses text indexes to search multiple ServiceNow tables in a single search.  This global search is a great feature and you can configure it for even more additional functionality.  It was one of the features of ServiceNow that most impressed me when I first used it.  

There are some great wiki articles on this subject:

Global Search 101

Search Groups

To enable new tables to use in global search, use Search Groups.  In Search groups, you can:

  • Remove tables you no longer might not want to search
  • Configure filters so certain records are not search for users
  • Add new tables to search

Generate Text Index

Even though adding a new table to Search Groups should add a text index, I have noticed this doesn't always occur.  To enable text search on a table, click Generate Text Index on the dictionary entry for that table.  When the text index is completed, ServiceNow can email you when completed.

Stop Words

Using stop words will remove certain words from being searched.

Access Control Rules

By using Access Control Rules, you can restrict what data users can view in ServiceNow

ServiceNow Global search is powerful and simple to use.  Using these wiki articles and global search fundamentals, you can keep global search working great in your ServiceNow instances.