Document Viewer

Document Viewer enables you to view documents directly in the Now Platform rather than having to download them.

Supported File Types

  • MS Word (.doc) and (.docx)

  • MS PowerPoint (.ppt) and (pptx)

  • MS Excel (.xls) and (.xlsx)

  • PDF

  • Image Files (png, .jpg)

  • Text (.txt)

Other document types, for example, zip, exe are automatically downloaded.

Document viewer does not support

  • File sizes over 50MB

  • FedRAMP instances

  • On-premise instances

  • Encryption Support

More information from the ServiceNow Documentation

STep 1: Activate Document Viewer

  1. Login as admin

  2. Left Navigator Bar → System DefinitionPlugin

  3. Enter Document Viewer (com.snc.documentviewer) in the Search field.

  4. Click Install.

Step 2: Activate Document Viewer (Table Level)

Activate Document viewer for selected tables

  1. Navigate to System Definition Dictionary.

  2. Open the table you want to use the document viewer and click New under the Attributes tab.

  3. Enter Use Document Viewer in the Attribute field.

  4. Enter true in the Value field.

  5. Click Submit.