IT GRC ASC Data Load

This article contains an example method to import Authoritative Source Content (ASC) for the ServiceNow GRC application.


This is helpful for importing new ASC like COBIT 5.0 or other new updates. You can also use this to import your own company's ASC if designed.

Wiki Articles for reference:

Example ASC Import

  1. Turn off Email

    Turn off email on system if activated.

  2. Create Excel File

    Create an excel file with columns such as:

    • Authoritative source

    • Comments

    • Key areas

    • Name

    • Reference

    • Type

  3. Load Data

    Load Data into Import Set Table:

    • Label: GRC ASC Data Upload

    After Import Set Table is created, Click Create Transform Map link.

  4. Transform Map

    Setup Transform Map:

    • Name: GRC ASC Data Upload

    • Source Table: GRC ASC Data Upload

    • Target Table: Authoritative Source Content

    • Run Business Rules: false

    • Enforce Mandatory fields: No

    • Copy empty fields: false

    Transform Map (Field Map)

    Source field | Target field | Coalesce | Choice Action
    u_comments | comments | FALSE | ignore
    u_key_areas | key_areas | FALSE | ignore
    u_caller_id | caller_id | FALSE | ignore
    u_name | name | FALSE | ignore
    u_reference | reference | TRUE | ignore
    u_type | type | FALSE | ignore

  5. Transform Script

    Reference fields are stored as sys ids in a ServiceNow table, so we need transform scripts to convert the data we imported for reference fields to sys ids. Below are some example conversions for reference fields:

    • When: onBefore

    • Order: 100

    • Script:

    //Set Authoritative Source Content Reference
    var grAS = new GlideRecord('grc_authoritative_source');
    grAS.addQuery('name', source.u_authoritative_source);
    if ( {
    target.authoritative_source = grAS.sys_id;
  6. Transform!

    After your Import Set, Transform Map, and Transform Script are ready. Transform the Import Set you created.

  7. Purge Emails and Turn on Email

    Purge any emails in the Email Log that you don't want sent and Turn on Email