Reporting on Requested Item Variables

If you are interested in reporting on questions/answers users have given on your Service Catalog requests, here is a quick way to filter or export this information from ServiceNow.

From the ServiceNow Wiki, here is some documentation to read before you start building your report.

Note: Speed of this report depends on the number of variables and requested items in your system.

Requested Item Variables Report

Visible to: Everyone
Type: List
Table: Variable Ownership [sc_item_option_mtom]
Group By: Parent Item
- Parent Item
- Parent Item.Request.Requested For
- Dependent Item.Order
- Dependent Item.Question
- Dependent Item.Value
- Created
Filter and Order
- Parent Item.Item is <your item>
- Dependent Item.Value is not empty

Hope that gives you some ideas when you are making your own Requested Item variables report.