ODBC Driver Quick Guide

Quick Guide for installing and configuring the ServiceNow ODBC Driver for your instance of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow User Setup for Reporting

Step 1: Enforce Strict Security on incoming SOAP Requests

Step 2: Setup New User. If you use LDAP Authentication, set up an AD account for this user. Admin role is not required or recommended. Roles needed for the User might include:

  • soap_query
  • itil

ServiceNow ODBC Driver Install

Step 1: Request Temporary Local Admin Access as needed.
Step 2: Once Temporary Local Admin Access is added, install the ServiceNow ODBC Driver. In order to query the ServiceNow platform, you need to install the special ODBC Driver in order to connect.
If your system is running a 32-bit version of Windows, install the 32-bit version of the ODBC driver. If your system is running a 64-bit version of Windows, then your choice depends on the reporting application that you will be using. Most reporting applications are 32-bit and therefore require the 32-bit ODBC driver. A 64-bit ODBC driver is only required for 64-bit reporting applications.

The ServiceNow ODBC Driver can be downloaded here:

Step 3: Install with the default parameters.

ServiceNow ODBC Driver Configuration

Step 1: After the ODBC Driver is installed, open Service-now ODBC > Management Console.
Step 2: Expand the Console Root tree using the following path:
OpenAccess SDK 6.0 Manager\\Services\ServiceNow_ODBC\Data Source Settings\ServiceNow\IP Parameters
Step 3: Set DataSourceIPProperties: https://(your instance)
Note: (your instance) is your instance name of ServiceNow.

Step 4: Open ODBC Administrator. Open ServiceNow System DSN. Set Parameters:
Datasource Name: ServiceNow
Description: Service-now ODBC Driver 2012-02-12-21-06-25
Service Name: ServiceNow_ODBC
Service Data Source: ServiceNow
Custom Properties: url=https://(your instance);BatchSize=200
Note: (your instance) is your instance name of ServiceNow.
Step 5: ServiceNow ODBC Driver Test
Test the ODBC Connection using ISQL. Click Start > Programs > Service-now ODBC > ISQL
Type connect (username)*(password)@ServiceNow
Note: (username) is your username and (password) is your password
If connection is successful, try a query. Example queries can be found here:

Reporting Tool Install

Step 1: To install Crystal Reports or other Reporting Tools, contact your company Service Desk or use your company Service Catalog application.
Step 2: To connect to ServiceNow. Use this New Connection
ODBC (RDO) > ServiceNow
Username: (username)
Password: (password)