Become a ServiceNow Developer and Pass the Exams

You want to become a ServiceNow developer?  No reason why not, so here are some tips to help you on this journey.

Motivation and Effort

When I was learning ServiceNow, I put in a lot of effort to teach myself.  For hours every night for months, I would build customizations on my own at home.  Customizations I used to build in HP Service Manager, I would build in ServiceNow.  I put in the effort so that I could look great on projects and get ahead.

Some people have the gift of learning things easily, for others it takes effort.  Just because it takes you a while, doesn't mean you are not worthwhile!

Get a Developer instance

You can register on the ServiceNow Developer site to get your own instance to practice on.  I am proud of ServiceNow for doing this.  It has helped thousands of wanna-be developers learn the platform and become experts...maybe even ServiceNow ELITE!

ServiceNow Training

ServiceNow is also kind enough to offer free courses to help you. ServiceNow Online Learning. Also get on YouTube and watch all the ServiceNow videos.  

After you take the free stuff, you can take some paid courses.  I think the Admin course is exceptionally helpful, however the other courses might help you too.  

I took the admin course, talked my way into my first ServiceNow job, and then with a lot of motivation and effort kept that job and got others afterwards.  

Wiki and Forums

Read that ServiceNow wiki like it is the novel of the century.  Jump on the forums and start asking questions about things that confuse you.  People are just waiting for your questions so they can get their virtual points, post away!

User Group

Join a local user group.  There are a listing somewhere on the community site.  Maybe you can make friends with an expert.  Having an expert to ask questions to is a huge benefit, although not 100% necessary.

Exam Practice

If you are taking the Admin or other exams, there is often a blueprint or preparation documents.  Read that thoroughly and make sure you know all the areas and questions.

No Exact Blueprint for Success

You don't have be a coding wizard with a photographic memory.  Follow these steps and then practice more than you think you need to.  You have a lot of potential, apply yourself to a goal.  See what happens, that trip might be even better than the destination.

Don't give up if you don't understand at first, it takes many attempts sometimes.