Incident State Active on Reply from Caller

This business rule will set the state to active on incident if a caller respond via Self Service or by email. This is helpful if you had the incident in a state of "Awaiting User Info" or another "Awaiting" state previously.

Business Rule

Set Active from Caller Response
Table: Incident
When: before
Update: true
Advanced: true
Condition: current.caller_id == gs.getUserID() && current.comments.changes()
function setActiveFromCallerResponse() {
 //May need to adjust states here if your pending states are different
if (current.state == "3" || current.state == "4" || current.state == "5") {
current.state= '2';
current.work_notes = "Update from caller, setting state to Active";

Also note you can use "gs.getSession().isInteractive()" in your condition if you only want this to run when using Self Service.

Hope that helps,