Weekly Progress Gauge

How to create a weekly interactive progress gauge for homepages.

Weekly Progress Gauge

How to Create this Gauge

1. In Left Navigator, click System UI > Gauges
2. Click New
3. Gauge Page displays.  Enter these values

Name: Weekly Progress
Type: Counts
Table: Task
Application: global
Aggregate: Count

Note: you may want to add the "Roles" field to the form and restrict to "itil" role

. Click Save
5. In the Count Gauges Related List, Click New.  Add Count Gauges similar to these

Name | Order | Query | Table
My Tasks Open | 100 | assigned_to=javascript:getMyAssignments()^active=true | task
My Tasks Closed | 200 | assigned_to=javascript:getMyAssignments()^closed_atONThis week@javascript:gs.beginningOfThisWeek()@javascript:gs.endOfThisWeek() | task
Group Tasks Open | 300 | assignment_group=javascript:getMyGroups()^active=true | task
Group Tasks Closed | 400 | assignment_group=javascript:getMyGroups()^closed_atONThis week@javascript:gs.beginningOfThisWeek()@javascript:gs.endOfThisWeek() | task
My Approvals | 500 | approver=javascript:getMyApprovals()^state=requested | sysapproval_approver

After you build this, you can adjust it with colors and other functionality.  Look at other gauges for examples.