ServiceNow Performance Review

How is your ServiceNow instance running?  Here are some checks you can do to insure your ServiceNow instance is staying in good health.  

Review User Accounts

  1. User Accounts. Are the user accounts correct? Should these users have access to ServiceNow? (!%3DNULL)

  2. Local Accounts. How many active local accounts do you have? Should you have local accounts? A local account is one that doesn't come from Active Directory, Okta, etc and has the password stored in ServiceNow (

  3. Licensing. How many licenses do you have for ServiceNow Licensed access. Do the users fall under that limit? (

  4. User Licenses. Check Licensed User Accounts that haven't logged in in over 60 days (

  5. Admin Users. Review admin users and remove unnecessary access (

  6. Service Accounts. Review access and rights for Service Accounts

Find Stalled Tasks

  1. Open Tasks with Assigned to Deactivated (

  2. Approval on Closed Tasks (

  3. Approver is deactivated (

  4. Caller is deactivated on incidents (

  5. Requests with Requested By is deactivated (

  6. Active Requests with all closed Requested Items.

Deactivate Unused Applications and Functionality

  1. Deactivate Unused Applications

  2. Deactivate Unused Modules

  3. Deactivate UI Actions, related lists, and functionality that don't want being used.

Errors and Issues

  1. Request Stages properly set and Requests being closed at end of request

  2. Work Queues show correct and appropriate tasks

  3. Incidents being closed properly

  4. Check the error, warning, and script logs for errors

  5. Check for memory or performance issues

 Infrastructure and Data

  1. Mid Servers up and operational

  2. Discovery properly discovering CIs without errors

  3. ServiceNow Version is up-to-date and patched

  4. Check Table Row counts for large tables

  5. Look at Table Rotations to insure correct tables are rotated correctly

  6. Deleted Records table is correctly adding appropriate records to deleted records table

  7. Look at tables for Duplicate Records

  8. Check Reports and Dashboards for load times

  9. Expired KB Articles and Feedback

  10. Check for blank or bad homepages

Coding Practices

  1. Check number of update sets and update set naming convention

  2. Look for Descriptions in Update Sets

  3. Check Default Update Set for high number of records or admins using Default update set

  4. Review Code Migration Procedures

  5. Tasks Created in Development instance. If you haven't locked out users from your Sandbox, Test, Dev, UAT instance, you should check to see if they are still using Production like they should.


  1. Check number and types of interfaces used in ServiceNow

  2. Review Transform Maps and deactivate unused maps and maps without an import set

  3. Review Scheduled Jobs

Hope that helps,