Multiple Default Update Set Fix

On some ServiceNow upgrades, you may end up with multiple "Default" global update sets. Default, Default 1, Default 2, etc.

For each application there will be a Default update sets which is ok.  However having multiple "Default" global update sets is annoying/more to maintain.

Here is how you can fix this if it happens to your system.

Set Default Set

You need to do this step otherwise integrations or other users will keep creating new Default update sets for the Global Application

  1. In the left navigator bar, select "Local Update Sets"
  2. Add the Columns, "Application" and "Default Set".
  3. Filter the list so you just show the update sets that start with Default and are for the Application Global.  https://<yourinstance>
  4. In the Column, Default Set, set the one you want to be Default to true.

Delete Default Extras

Practice this in a Development instance first!

  1. Move all your "Default" update set items from the extra Default update set.  For example, you want to get rid of "Default 1", move all the items stored into "Default".  
  2. Mark the extra Default update set (Default 1) to ignore.
  3. Repeat for any other repeats.