Connect ServiceNow to the World

What is the internet of things (IoT)? 

The internet of things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

How can we better use this data captured from these devices in ServiceNow?

This new generation is becoming increasing connected.  Whether you realize it or not, your activity is captured, monitored, and tracked. You can not escape it, even this site has analytics. Trust me, with my experiences with mobile app development...if you use a cell phone it is unbelievable the data that can be captured about a person.

Corporations want to really know how to be more profitable and to influence customer decisions.  Data from various sources, the internet of things greatly helps them in their goal. 

I do believe that companies don't need to know everything.  However some data given to them can not only help them, but it also helps us.  


There are various ways to connect ServiceNow to IoT devices.  I am sure there will be new ways in the future as well.

IoT devices connect to central application that often has a database.  Most often I would say IoT devices don't connect directly to ServiceNow, but that may change in the future.

With the IoT application/database, you can use various methods to connect ServiceNow to it

  • Webservices
  • JDBC (through Mid Server)
  • CSV (through Mid Server)
  • Plugins
  • Command line (ServiceNow Orchestration)


Here are some great examples how ServiceNow can be used to act upon IoT information:

Server Monitoring
Monitor application servers and alert people if there is an outage.  This already exists in Event Management.

Electromagnetic Field Levels
A cell tower not functioning properly as detected by energy sensor measurements? Dispatch an agent with Field Service Management.

Nuclear Sensor Products

Nuclear Sensor Products

Nuclear Power Plant Measurements
Distributed measurement of radiation levels in nuclear power plants to generate leakage alerts.  I have actually done this before at a client!  Was pretty easy to do.  Again this can use Facilities Service Management for that purpose.

NFC Payment
Payment processing based in location or activity duration for public transport, gyms, theme parks, etc. Payments not working correctly?  Have ServiceNow automatically open a case with Finance Service Management.

IT Security
Hackers trying malicious code to enter your company website or devices.  Know whether your business is secure in an instant with Security Operations.

Machine to Machine
Machine auto-diagnosis and assets control. Service Watch Insight can make your CMDB self-aware.

Lighting and Accident Avoidance
Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in lights. Switching on and off devices remotely to avoid accidents and save energy. Orchestration can activate, modify, and deactivate settings as needed.

Door Access Control
Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas. Use the ServiceNow Platform to control access as needed.  I have experience with this in combination with Change Management to provide datacenter access only at the time of a change.

Asset Location
Asset location by using active (ZigBee) and passive tags (RFID/NFC). Search of individual items in big surfaces like warehouses, harbours, or equipment yards. Store that information with Asset Management. This greatly helps in inventory collection and no longer relies solely on handheld data scanning.

Water Sensor

Water Sensor

Water Flow
Measurement of water pressure in water transportation systems. This could generate requests in Facilities Service Management.

Vehicle Diagnosis
Information collection from CanBus to send real time alarms to emergencies or provide advice to drivers.  If the issue can't be solved without human intevention, create a preemptive case in Customer Service Management and fix the issue without a phone call.

Thermostat Control
Products like Google Nest has made it easy to control temperatures at home.  In event of a breakdown, you can configure it to connect to Facilities Service Management automatically for technician dispatch.

House Arrest
Offenders restricted to house arrest use ankle sensors to monitor their location.  If a sensor detects an issue, automatically open a request in Legal Service Management.  Author's note: this one isn't that practical, but I liked it! :)

Reebok Checklight: Head Impact Sensor

Reebok Checklight: Head Impact Sensor

Athlete Care
Vital signs monitoring in high performance centers and sporting fields.  Build custom applications to capture issues and suggest training schedules.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding
Detect when users login/logoff to devices and act accordingly with HR Service Management

Entertainment Purchases
Use IoT data on movie, game, and other digital entertainment purchases to analyze consumer buying habits and influence future decisions.  Capture potential initiatives and opportunities with Marketing Service Management.

Fleet Tracking
Monitor and control routes followed for delicate goods like medical drugs, jewels or dangerous merchandises. Use Field Service Management to track and automatically flag for potential issues.


There are so many possibilities, this is just the beginning of an exciting technology future.