Procurement managers can use the ServiceNow Procurement application to create purchase orders and to obtain items for fulfilling service catalog requests.

Procurement offers the ability to perform the following functions.

  • Track service catalog requests
  • Create and manage purchase orders
  • Create and manage transfer orders
  • Receive assets


The Procurement application requires the "Procurement" plugin to be activated before use.


1. Order Submit.  User places an order from the service catalog

Order Submit

2. Over $1000. In the Service Catalog Request workflow, items ordered from the service catalog that cost over one thousand dollars require approval.  If under $1000, they are automatically approved.

Service Catalog Request

Service Catalog Request Workflow

3. Approval. If the request is approved it moves to the next step.
4. Sourceable? There is a business rule, Can request be sourced, that checks the items submitted with the request to determine if the request can be sourced.  It checks if the item has a model specified.
5. Catalog Task Generation. In the Source Request workflow, a catalog task is created so that a procurement manager can source the item by creating a transfer order or purchase order.

Source Request Workflow

There is a "Source Request" button on the catalog task that the Procurement person can click

Source Request button on Catalog Task

7. Source Request. If the source request is clicked on the catalog task.  A source screen is shown

Source Request Methods

Source Screen

Source Screen

  • Purchase Order - You can create a purchase order directly from a request. This enables procurement managers to obtain items and fulfill requests from the Service Catalog. You can create multiple purchase orders from a request.
  • Transfer Order - You can create a transfer order directly from a request to source hardware items and consumables from stockrooms.
  • Consolidate PO - Select the optional Consolidate PO check box to combine the listed items with existing purchase orders.

Transfer Order and Purchase Order Created (Although should just be transfer orders)

Confirmation Prompt

8. Catalog Task Auto Closed.  After you source the item, the catalog task is automatically closed.
9. Request Sourced. The Sourced checkbox is now automatically checked on the request.  Purchase orders and Transfer Orders are shown via related lists on the request as needed as well.

Request Sourced

10a. Purchase Order Fulfillment.  The purchase order process has multiple steps:

1. Open the Purchase Order

Purchase Order Form

2. Click Order
3. Click Receive when received. Received screen is shown

Receive Screen

4. Asset is received and set to the user who requested it

More information about the Receive process can be found here

10b. Transfer Order Fulfillment. The transfer order process has multiple steps:

1. Open the transfer order. 

Transfer Order

2. Click "Ready for fulfillment" when ready. Stage moves to Requested
3. Click "Prepare for shipment" when ready.  Stage moves to Shipment Preparation

Shipment Preparation

4. Click "Ship" when ready. Stage moves to fully shipped.
5. On the Transfer Order Line, Click Receive when received
6. On the Transfer Order Line, In order to get the "Deliver" button to appear, you need field service management installed, or you can adjust the UI Action condition or TransferOrderStageHandler script include to show the button.

11. Catalog Task Fulfillment. After the assets are now sourced and received, catalog tasks are generated for delivery. 

Procurement Workflow: Item Sourced and Received

12. Close Catalog Tasks.  Close Catalog Tasks as completed

Catalog Task for Configuration

Delivery Catalog Task

13. Requested Item Closed. When all the catalog tasks are completed, the requested item is closed
14. Request Closed.  When all the requested items are closed, the request is closed

More information

Wiki on ServiceNow Procurement: