Release Management

Release Management encompasses the planning, design, build, configuration and testing of hardware and software releases to create a defined set of release components.


Activate the Release Management plugin to use, which will also upgrade you to the newest version.

Table Structure

Table Name | Definition
Product [rm_product] | Represent whole products whose releases are being managed.
Release [rm_release] | Represent individual versions of the product.
Release Phase [rm_release_phase] | Represent the different stages of work required to complete a release.
Feature [rm_feature] | Represent each feature within the release.
Release Tasks [rm_task] | Represent tasks to create individual features.


Define a product

A product might be an application, physical item, or service.  

  1. Left Navigation Bar > Release > Products and click New.

  2. Fill out the form and click submit


Planning Board

The Planning Board is an interface for manipulating the tasks related to releases for a particular product.

Use the release Planning Board

  1. Open the product record and select the Planning Board related link.

  2. On the list of releases associated with the product, click the name of the release to highlight it in green

Move a task from one release to another

  1. On the Planning Board, select the tasks to move

  2. Click the arrow for the target release

Planning Board

Define a release

  1. Navigate to the form of the appropriate parent Product.

  2. Scroll to the Releases related list and click New.

Releases under Product


Because releases can have child releases, you can group minor releases under major releases.

Define a release phase

  1. From the Release form, use the Release Phases related list.

  2. Click New

  3. Fill out the form and click submit

Release Phase

Manage the release process

Once a product is defined, you can plan and execute a release.

  1. Create the release: Define the release record and child tasks.

  2. Scope the release: Define features for releases and child tasks.

While creating and scoping the release, use the Release Hierarchy related list on the Release Form to view the release as a hierarchy.

Release Hierarchy

Scope a release

You can scope a release from the Release form's Features related list.

  1. From the Release form, use the Features related list to define features for the release.

From the feature form, the Release Tasks related list can be used to define release tasks for the feature. 


Release Task

Agile Development plugin

The Agile Development plugin further extends upon the Release Management v2 plugin by adding a lot more value to the application.

Task Table Relationship

Since releases are tied to the task table, you can easily tie them to changes, problems, etc. as well.