Human Resource Service Management

HR Service Management helps your HR departments manage work requests and improve service delivery. ServiceNow has taken the manual email, phone, and in person HR processes of the past and converted them to a workflow and task-driven process.


  • provide visibility into work requests through dashboards
  • manage work load with process, improving resource utilization and performance
  • save time by automating work assignments instead of manually assigning staff responsibilities
  • improve communications with employees, partners, and vendors
  • address cost control and utilization projections
  • report on HR services by tracking and reporting on KPIs
  • lower expenses by implementing automated and streamlined processes


Plugin Activation

There are six (6) plugins available for install with HR Service Management:

  • Human Resources Application: Core - Provides case and change management for HR. Activation of this plugin on production instances may require a separate license. There are seven applications installed after you install this plugin
    • HR Case Management - All HR Cases and HR Tasks
    • HR Administration - Configure the HR Catalog, Surveys, KB Articles, HR Data
    • HR Benefits - Benefits cases and benefit data captured
    • HR Employee Relations - Employee Relations Cases and Disciplinary Issues
    • HR Systems - HR Systems Cases, System Access, and Reports
    • HR Payroll - Payroll Cases, Payroll Data, and Bank Details
    • HR Employee Data Management - Employee Data Management Cases
  • Human Resources Application: HR Connect - Imports the Connect plugin, and installs a default HR support queue, enabling HR specific Connect functionality.
  • Human Resources Application: Performance Analytics - Provides Performance Analytics reports for HR. Activation of this plugin on production will require a PA Premium license. Contact ServiceNow for details.
  • Human Resources Application: Reporting Overview - Human Resources Reporting Overview
  • Human Resources Application: Service Portal - HR Service Portal
  • Human Resources Application: Workday Integration - Provides automatic updates of HR application tables from a linked Workday instance. Activation of this plugin on production instances may require a separate license. 

To activate an HR Service Management Plugin.

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Find and click the plugin "Human Resource Core"
  3. If available, select the Load demo data check box.
  4. Click Activate.

Please note if you are currently on an older version of HR Service Management, there is a separate upgrade process.


ServiceNow HR Service Management has different features available depending on activated plugins:


The HR catalog is a collection of 39 different catalog items in 13 different categories you can add to your existing service catalog or self service site.  This a great way to get started building your own configured HR catalog.

Deliver an online, self‑service HR portal that provides 24x7 access to hr information and services, minimizes dependence on institutional knowledge, and decreases the number of redundant or repetitive requests

You can add these catalog items to your existing Service Catalog, or use the separate HR Catalog.  Please note if you activate the Service Portal, the HR Catalog is hidden in Self Service.

ServiceNow also provides a nice HR catalog option for adjusting and adding new catalog items.  (Under Left Nav Bar > HR Administration > Manage HR Catalog)

HR Catalog

HR Catalog Item

HR Catalog Management

HR Service Portal

Use the Service Portal to create a delightful experience for your users. Service Portal provides an alternative user experience to the standard platform UI. It is easy to configure, customize, and extend, similar to what users are used to in other consumer products.

There is a separate HR Service Portal available if you install the plugin. Personally I don't like the idea of a separate Service Portal.  I would rather they use one combined portal, so that users don't need to know a separate url for HR and a different URL for IT.  

However all customers are different, and HR departments would like their own portal and ownership.  This especially true if they pay for the licenses for HR.

HR Service Portal - Home Page

HR Service Portal - Catalog

HR Service Portal - Knowledge Base

HR Service Portal - Open Case


HR Case Management is where the work gets done!

HR Applications

HR Applications

After a HR request is submitted via the HR Catalog, an HR application in ServiceNow is used to fulfill those requests. HR Case Management in the general catch-all for all cases

HR cases hold the details of HR requests, such as requests for information, and HR processes, such as onboarding. Users can submit HR cases through the HR Service Portal, the HR Catalog, or manually with the new button.

Processes may vary depending on the employees they relate to, their teams, locations, positions, and other factors. For example, an onboarding process for a sales employee may differ from the onboarding process for an IT employee, and an employee who travels requires a laptop, but an employee based in the office is given a desktop. After a process is defined, the associated department can set up and maintain the rules and conditions for the process.

HR Service Management uses state flows and workflow to automate the delivery process.  This speeds service fulfillment, creates repeatable processes, and ensures the correct agent is assigned to complete the request.

The general HR Service Management process

  1. Users submit HR cases through the service catalog.
  2. Based on settings in the HR Service Management Configuration, the cases transitions through states based on actions performed through the request.
  3. Some HR cases have approvals
  4. When the case has been fulfilled by the HR team, the case is closed.

Example HR request

An employee named Alan wants to find out about the company's paternity leave policy. He also wants to discuss flexible working hours around the expected time of the birth of his child.

  1. Alan submits an HR request asking about paternity leave policies and requesting a meeting to discuss flexible working hours.
  2. An HR case is created and assigned to an HR agent, such as a specialist or generalist, based on assignment rules.
  3. The HR agent processes the HR case, creating two HR tasks for this two-part request. Each task is assigned to the user who can process it.
  4. When all the tasks are completed, the HR case is closed.

HR Case

HR Task (with sibiling tasks)

There are 19 reports and four (4) dashboards available as well.

Overview Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

HR Onboarding Dashboard


In the HR Administration application, you can configure the HR Applications.

Here are some of the items you can do in this app:

  • Surveys - Configure the HR surveys like Satisfaction and exit surveys
  • Knowledge - Add and publish KB Articles
  • Organizations - Setup users, HR profiles, departments, locations, and positions
  • Catalog and Templates - Manage templates and develop catalog items

HR Application view

HR Request Satisfaction Survey

Exit Survey Scorecard



In the HR Benefits application, you can manage benefits cases and benefit information.

Here is the data you can manage in this app:

  • Cases
  • Beneficiaries
  • Dental Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Vision Benefits
  • HR Benefit Providers
  • Benefit Types
  • Tuition Reimbursements


Employee Relations Case

 In the HR Employee Relations application, you can manage employee relations cases and data.

Here is the data you can manage in this app:

  • Cases
  • Disciplinary Issues
  • Disciplinary Issue Types
  • Warning Types


HR System Access

 In the HR Systems application, you can manage HR Systems cases and data.

Here is the data you can manage in this app:

  • Cases
  • System Access
  • Reports


Payroll Record

The HR Payroll module contains a list of all open payroll cases. The module allows HR agents to add and modify payroll records, banking accounts, and direct data.

The following information is set up and maintained as part of the HR Payroll module. Employees can access HR payroll information, enroll in direct deposit, and submit HR payroll cases from the HR Service Portal. HR managers or administrators set up and modify the information.

  • HR Payroll Case Management
  • Employee Payroll Records
  • Bank Details
  • Bank Accounts
  • Direct Deposits


The HR Employee Data Management application contains a list of all related cases.  Pretty straight forward there.


Connect Support is a real-time messaging tool that enables support agents to easily keep track of their support cases, quickly find solutions, and resolve problems quickly.

Connect Support builds on the messaging platform provided with Connect. For general information about the Connect interface, setup, and administration, see Connect. When Connect Support is enabled, users designated as support agents have access to the support tab of the Connect sidebar.

Features include:

  • Administrators can create chat queues and enable users to access live support.
  • Support agents can monitor the queues to provide instant support.
  • Drag-and-drop sharing of links, files, and records.



Evaluate HR resource utilization and the volume and types of service requests with easily customized reports and dashboards

ServiceNow includes 4 dashboards and 19 reports to get you started.  Dashboards and reports are easily created in ServiceNow to further tailor your HR efforts.


Here is an additional video on HR Service Management