Facilities Service Management

Facilities Service Management is a single platform to manage the operations of facilities and help employees find assistance quickly.  


  • meet sustainability goals and plan for business continuity
  • manage work load with process, increasing operational efficiency and staff productivity
  • improve communications with employees, partners, and vendors
  • address cost control and utilization projections
  • report on facilities services by tracking and reporting on KPIs
  • lower expenses by implementing automated and streamlined processes


ServiceNow Facilities Service Management is part of the ServiceNow "Service Management" suite of applications.

Some of the products in this suite have similar functionality.  If you are an expert at Facilities Service Management, you can usually learn the other similar apps very easily.  They all use configuration pages, state flows, and can incorporate service catalog items.  

Here are the applications in service management with similar underlying design:

  • Field Service Management
  • Facilities Service Management
  • Legal Service Management
  • Marketing Service Management
  • Finance Service Management


ServiceNow Facilities Management has different features available depending on activated plugins:

Facilities Catalog

The facilities catalog is a collection of 34 different catalog items in six different categories you can add to your existing service catalog or self service site.  This a great way to get started building your own configured catalog.

Deliver an online, self‑service facilities portal that provides 24x7 access to facilities information and services, minimizes dependence on institutional knowledge, and decreases the number of redundant or repetitive requests

Facilities Catalog

Interactive Facilities Maps

There are two versions of interactive facility maps available:

1. Facilities Workbench. This the newer version of interactive facilities maps.  The Facilities Workbench requires Buildings and Floors to be in GeoJSON format. GeoJSON is the format required by ServiceNow to import the files.

GeoJSON Map files. The floor plan visualization feature uses files in the GeoJSON-format, an open standard for representing geographical features. Due to the complexity of each file, work with Micello, Inc. or some other vendor to create the floor plan for your organization.

2. Floor Plan Viewer. The floor plan viewer uses image files for floor plans.  You use room markers and request indicators.  Although it doesn't require GeoJSON files, it is not as visually appealing.

Both versions allow you plot out spaces and assets within a floor and create requests directly from the floor.  

Leverage floor plan visualizations to help employees easily see if an issue is already reported or request a service simply by clicking on a map

Interactive facilities maps can be really impressive with many floors, complex buildings, and when it is fully built out. In cases of using it for malls, stadiums, and land management, it is just amazing.

Facilities Workbench

Floor Plan Viewer

Read more about Interactive Facility Maps

Facilities Management

After a facilities request is submitted via the Facilities Catalog or Interactive Facility Map, the Facilities Management application in ServiceNow is used to fulfill those requests.

Facilities Management uses state flows and workflow to automate the delivery process.  This speeds service fulfillment, creates repeatable processes, and ensures the correct agent is assigned to complete the request.

The Facilities Service Management process (from the ServiceNow wiki)

Facilities Management Configuration Page

  1. A ServiceNow administrator activates and configures the Facilities Service Management application according to the needs and requirements for your organization.
  2. A facilities administrator creates the campus and configures the spaces and assets contained within.
  3. Users submit facilities requests.
  4. Facilities staff qualify facilities requests. Which is the process of checking that the information in the request is complete, so facilities tasks can be assigned.
  5. Administrators organize requests into tasks and dispatch those tasks.
  6. Facilities staff members perform the tasks necessary to fulfill the request.
  7. The assigned facilities staff members close their tasks, allowing the request to be closed.

Facilities Management also now has built‑in support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Facilities Request List

Facilities Task Visual Task Board

Facilities Move Management

Facilities Move Management is an application in ServiceNow used for single user or enterprise moves.  

  • Employees can request single user moves via the Service Catalog. 
  • Members of the facilities staff can use the enterprise move tool to plan and execute large move scenarios

Facilities Move Request

Facilities Move Task

Read more about Facilities Move Management

Space Management

Space Management is part of the Facilities Management application.  Often it is used with Interactive Facility Maps to plan and optimize space utilization.

Spaces are defined at all levels with the same unit measure, providing metrics that are readily available for analysis. These metrics include occupancy percentage, total space available, and so on. 

How Space Management is used with Interactive Facility Maps

  1. Campus, buildings, floor plans loaded into ServiceNow
  2. Spaces created. Area, square footage, and maximum occupancy set
  3. Users associated to Space

This allows you to control the cost of occupancy by providing insight to space needs and reduces the cost of employee movement.

Read more about Space Management


Evaluate facilities resource utilization and the volume and types of service requests with easily customized reports and dashboards

ServiceNow includes 3 dashboards and 17 reports to get you started.

Facilities Overview Dashboard

Facilities Reports

More Information

Here is an additional video on Facilities Service Management