ServiceNow Acquires DxContinuum

ServiceNow recently acquired DxContinuum, a machine learning company to further boost their automation efforts.  This purchase takes ServiceNow into the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Here are just some of the possibilities with this purchase.


ServiceNow Orchestration has been leading companies to automate work.  ServiceNow Orchestration is becoming more and more popular as it doesn't make mistakes, frees up people to do more important tasks, and doesn't take vacations.

DxContinuum may further allow ServiceNow to increase their automation efforts.

Connect ServiceNow to the WORLD

In October last year, I wrote about ServiceNow and IoT.  I have a lot of examples in that article in what is possible.  Maybe next year at Knowledge 18 all you will hear about is the IoT interfaces people have built. Really this company was a logical acquisition in terms of the potential of IoT.


Also in the Istanbul release will soon feature Benchmarks.  ServiceNow has access to an incredible amount of customer data.  What if they started analyzing that data?  I don't know if this relates to the DxContinuum purchase, but is a possibility.

Compare your ServiceNow instance to companies comparable to your own.  See how you compare to other companies around the word. These benchmarks will be available on HI.  I think this will be very interesting to many customers.  You can opt-out if you don't want to participate as well.

Performance Analytics

Not to mention the push for more Performance Analytics in every ServiceNow application. Being able to connect machine learning to Performance Analytics trending data could bring about great innovations...and revelations.

One of the major issues with Performance Analytics is that it can be difficult to know what to do with all that data.  Sure, you have a dashboard. you can drill down...try to analyze ways to improve.

What if ServiceNow did that for you?  What if ServiceNow told you what to do instead you staying up at night to trying to figure it out?  Something like that could be one of ServiceNow's greatest achievements.

DxContinuum was founded by veterans from Oracle, HP, and Fair Issac (FICO).  I have worked at both HP and FICO in my career, so I can see how their backgrounds have helped them get to this point.  FICO is all about predictive analytics and their software thrives on large amounts data to make decisions.  

With DxContinuum, you could get insights to make some real predictive decisions.  This is the foundation of analytics software.


DxContinuum is focused on sales and has its own sales suite.  It is even available in the Salesforce App Exchange.

When is ServiceNow going to directly go after Salesforce?  Customer Service Management was the first step, as it takes on Salesforce Service Cloud.  This takes them one step closer.