Virtual Agent

Implement ITSM Virtual Agent to support and scale your IT organization by enabling a virtual agent chatbot to perform the less complicated, more common IT requests and incidents. 

ITSM Virtual Agent liberates your technicians to concentrate on more challenging, demanding user requests and incidents.

This is a general overview of the Virtual Agent application. Read more about the Walk-up Experience via ServiceNow Documentation


  • Check into a walk-up queue and submit issues or requests online from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Check into a walk-up queue and submit issues or requests at the physical location. For both authenticated and guest users

  • Participate in customer-satisfaction surveys both onsite at the walk-up location and via email.

  • Receive push and email notifications regarding walk-up interaction creation and assignment.

  • Integrates with other services such as Inventory Management

  • Use the domain separation feature to define which end users can access each location queue.

  • Reporting and dashboards

BASIC INSTALL and Configuration

Below describes a basic setup to get you started using Virtual Agent

Activate Plugins

  1. Upgrade to London or later

  2. Login as admin

  3. Left Navigator Bar > Plugins

  4. Activate Plugins

    • Glide Virtual Agent

  5. Activate Conversation Plugins

    This gives you example Virtual Agent topics. You’ll want to activate the conversation pack depending on your applications you want to supply Virtual Agent for:

    • Recommended: ITSM Virtual Agent Conversations [com.snc.itsm.virtualagent]

    • Customer Service Virtual Agent conversations [com.sn_csm.virtualagent]

    • Virtual Agent Conversations [com.sn_hr_virtual_agent)]

See more information on individual plugins in the ServiceNow Documentation: Activate Virtual Agent

Activate Topics

PRO TIP: If you are waiting for the topics to start working. Start a new conversation after activating the topics.

PRO TIP: If you are waiting for the topics to start working. Start a new conversation after activating the topics.

  1. Login as admin

  2. In Left Navigation Bar > Collaboration > Virtual Agent > Designer

  3. Click into each Topic you want to use

  4. Click Publish

  5. Repeat for each topic you want. ITSM Topics include:

    • Order an Item

    • Check IT Ticket Status

    • System Status

    • Create Change Request

    • Process Approval

    • Reset Password

    • My Assigned Equipment

    • Search Knowledge Base

    • Open IT Ticket

Virtual Agent Widget

Virtual Agent WEB Client

After the Virtual Agent is installed. Check out the client.$

I also made up a widget that embeds this client:

Service Portal Chat Widget

If you have customized your service portal, the Virtual Agent Service Portal Widget might not automatically be added.

Here is how you can add it to your portal.

Virtual Agent Branding

There are number of different branding properties to further customize the Virtual Agent.

Virtual Agent Branding


These settings are more detailed after you get past the basic setup:

  1. Configure the basic conversation settings and customer support contacts.

  2. Use the Virtual Agent general settings to define the basic characteristics of a conversation, such as the welcome message and general error message displayed on all Virtual Agent clients.

  3. Specify Live Agent chat queues.

  4. Specify the chat queues used by live agents for support.


Sign up for an account with, and follow this guide. You can try the Virtual Agent yourself. It really has potential for the future.