Walk-up Experience

Use ServiceNow Walk-up Experience to create and manage an onsite walk-up venue where requests and issues are fulfilled and solved by experienced technicians in person and in real time.

Configure Walk-up Experience to serve all users in your organization by using an inclusive branding, such as Tech Lounge, Service Center, Genius Bar, and more.

This is a general overview of the Walk-Up Experience application. Read more about the Walk-up Experience via ServiceNow Documentation


  • Check into a walk-up queue and submit issues or requests online from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Check into a walk-up queue and submit issues or requests at the physical location. For both authenticated and guest users

  • Participate in customer-satisfaction surveys both onsite at the walk-up location and via email.

  • Receive push and email notifications regarding walk-up interaction creation and assignment.

  • Integrates with other services such as Inventory Management

  • Use the domain separation feature to define which end users can access each location queue.

  • Reporting and dashboards


  1. Upgrade to London or later

  2. Login as admin

  3. Left Navigator Bar > Plugins

  4. Activate Plugin: Walk-up Experience


There are some initial setup task you must do in order to use the walk up portal for the first time.


  1. Add/Edit Stockrooms

  2. Add Technicians and Admins to the Groups associated with Stock Rooms

Setup Roles/Groups

  1. Add Roles to Users/Groups

  • snwalkup.walkup_login

  • snwalkup.walkup_admin

  • snwalkup.walkup_manager

  • snwalkup.walkup_technician

I suggest setting up a test user for each role. That way you can test the experience with each persona.

Please note this detail from ServiceNow on roles:

Accessing the onsite Walk-up Experience portal requires the singularly assigned sn_walkup.walkup_login role. The user record with this role cannot contain any other roles. Since most user records contain multiple roles, the sn_walkup.walkup_login role is assigned to a user record account, not a human user. This security feature prevents the onsite portal check-in device from permitting elevated privileges to users who may attempt to access the portal with an elevated privilege role.

Setup Walk-up Location Queues

What do you mean you are closed? Setup Schedules in the Location to adjust this message display

  1. Add the Location Queues and associated assignment group

  2. If developing the Walk up queue, I suggest creating a 24/7 schedule and using that for the locations. That way you can test the walk-up portal outside the default 8-5 weekdays schedule.

    Otherwise you receive this message when you are trying to test the walkup. Or maybe you only want to test 8-5 weekdays and this is perfect.


End User

Role: sn_walkup.walkup_login

The end user will access a portal like: https://<your_instance>

They can access this portal two ways:

  • Online - Users can check into a walk-up venue online using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone via Walk-up Check-in available in the application navigator under Self-Service. Once a location queue is selected, users can see how many other end users are in the queue and decide whether or not to join the queue.

  • Walk-up Experience location - Users can check into a queue at the physical walk-up location. Guests of the walk-up venue can observe queue activities on a large monitor that displays place in line, end users currently in the queue, and end users being helped.

Here are some screenshots of the experience

Walk up Portal

Check in screen

Always been #1

Technician Assigned

Queue Screen




Role: sn_walkup.walkup_technician

Walk-up Experience IT technicians manage daily operations at the walk-up queue locations. They resolve IT-related issues, support mobile devices and laptops, and fulfill requests for software and hardware consumables.

  • Technicians can view active and closed interactions, assign interactions to themselves, other agents or other walk-up locations, and view and distribute stockroom consumables.

  • Walk-up Experience IT managers supervise the walk-up location technicians. Walk-up managers oversee walk-up location performance by monitoring the walk-up dashboard. They are responsible for customer satisfaction, confirming stockroom inventory is available, ensuring customers are served in a timely manner, and reporting performance data to upper management.

For technicians, you manage your work queue in the “full ServiceNow”.

Manage Active Walkups

  1. Left Navigator Bar > Walkup Experience > My Active Walk-ups.

  2. Select an interaction

  3. The Walk-up Interaction form opens with details about the issue or request.

    • Accept. Select Accept in the form header to assign the interaction to yourself.

    • Abandon. To close an interaction if the guest has left the queue, click Abandon in the form header or choose Closed Abandoned from the State form field.

    • Transfer. If the interaction is best supported at another walk-up queue, you can click Transfer to Queue. For example, if a guest checked into the queue online and accidentally chose an incorrect queue location.

Manage Your Walkups

  1. Click the interaction number from the list to open the Walk-up Interaction form.

    • Close. Click Close to complete the interaction. You were able to solve their issue!

    • Transfer. transfer the interaction to another agent or queue, by selecting Transfer to Agent or Transfer to Queue.

    • Create Incident or Request. If you cannot resolve the issue or fulfill the request, click either the Create Incident or Create Request related link to create an incident or access the Service Catalog.

Technician Walkup Form


Role: sn_walkup.walkup_manager

Manages the technicians at the Walk-up Experience location.

Access the Walk-up Experience Dashboard to oversee and monitor operations and performance.



Role: sn_walkup.walkup_admin

An admin can administer and configure all Walk-up Experience modules. Beyond the initial setup discussed here, you can modify many of the features of the walk up experience.

Note about Walkup Portal and Admin accounts

Check in Error

Only users with the sn_walkup.walkup_login role can access the walkup portal portal pages. This was done for security purposes as the portal pages are exposed on a device like tablet. It was an engineering decision to restrict the access given to the walkup login users only.

There are two ways to access these portal pages:

Create an ESS user and assign 'sn_walkup.walkup_login' role; impersonate ESS user to access the portal. (NOTE: There is logic in place that will prevent assigning this role if the user already has some other role assigned), or

A new user, 'Walkup User', is included with the Walk-up plugin. Admin/Maint can impersonate this user to access the portal pages.