[ecc_agent_status] table record missing for MIDSERVER "Midserver name"

Every midserver has a corresponding ecc_agent_status record. When you clone back from production, this often gets lost. Which causes the error in the logs.

Here are two options to fix this issue.

Option 1: Create New ecc_agent_status record

  1. In the instance that has the error.

  2. Delete all the empty records from ecc_agent_status table.

  3. Create a new record in ecc_agent_status table by just adding your midserver name.

  4. Repeat for all midservers used in that instance

  5. Error should stop

Option 2: Exclude tables

  1. In Production

  2. Left Navigator Bar > System Clone > Exclude Tables

  3. Add ecc_agent_status

  4. On next clone back, error doesn’t occur in target instance