Custom URL

You can configure one or multiple custom URLs to your instance, and configure your custom URL to Service Portal mapping.

Custom URLs are not available for on-premise customers or developer instances. Also, the URL must be public-facing.

More information in the ServiceNow Documentation

Step 1: Obtain Domain

Before you can associate a custom URL, you must own (or purchase) a URL through a domain provider. There are also specific configurations necessary before you can create and associate a custom URL on your instance.

  • Set the CNAME with the provider - The CNAME record must be set as the ServiceNow instance URL.

  • Determine your dedicated VIP status - Your ServiceNow instance must be on a dedicated VIP. Contact ServiceNow HI support for any issues.

Step 2: Activate Plugin

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.

  3. Find and click the Custom URL plugin.Note: Do not select the Custom URL - Internal plugin, which is an internal component for scripted custom URL APIs.

  4. On the Custom URL record, click the Activate/Repair related link.

  5. In the Plugin Activation window, click Activate

Step 3: Activate Property

  1. Login as an admin

  2. In the left navigator bar, type sys_properties.list

  3. Search for glide.customurl.enabled

  4. Open glide.customurl.enabled record

  5. Set the value to true

  6. Click Update

Step 4: Set Custom URL

Add a custom URL to your instance configuration to use instead of your ServiceNow-designated URL.

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Navigate to Custom URL > Customer URLs.

  3. Click New

  4. Fill in the appropriate fields:

    Domain Name - Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the custom URL.Note: For example, is the FQDN of the URL.

    Is Instance URL - Check box to enable this custom URL for all outbound URLs. Only one active custom URL can be the instance URL.

    To enable this setting for a custom URL, click 

    Set as Instance URL - on the URL record. Any previous custom URLs are then removed.

    Status - Status of the custom URL record. If the status is Active, the custom URL is provisioned and ready to use.

    Service Portal - Choose the service portal to redirect users when they access your instance using the custom URL.

  5. Click Submit

StEp 5: Check for errors

A custom URL should activate within six hours. Polling for custom URL job completion occurs every 30 minutes.

If your custom URL doesn’t work, refer to the ServiceNow documentation for Error Fixes