ServiceNow CMS Fonts

Using a different font for your ServiceNow CMS can make a big impact.

How to use a custom font in ServiceNow CMS

1. Upload Attachment.  Type sys_attachment.list in Left Navigator, and then upload font attachment.
2. Copy Sys ID. After you upload the attachment, double click on the Table sys ID column on the record and copy the value.
3. Base CSS.  Adjust the Base Style Sheet you are using in Content Management > Style Sheets.  Add these lines:

@font-face {
 font-family: <yourFont>;
 src: url('/<sys_id>');

Note: Replace <sys_id> with the sys_id of the uploaded attachment.
4. Adjust CSS. Adjust the Style Sheets you need the font in Content Management > Style Sheets.  Add a line to the item where you need the font:

font-family: <yourFont>, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;

Note: Replace <yourFont> with the font name you have.

4. Review Site.  Review your CMS site and see if the font changed.  If not, you might have added it to the wrong css area or have your font name incorrect.